Ready to take your health into your own hands and progress towards a plant-based diet?

Initial “LifeForce” Overview Analysis
($150 + tx / 1hr)
Single consultation
Personalized and customized review of medical and emotional history
Nutrient deficiency analysis
Review and prioritize goals for weight loss, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, hormonal balancing, digestive upset
Client receives a customized list of top foods to include in diet.
Follow-up sessions- 65$ +tx /3o mins- Book as needed

BEST VALUES: 3 x 30 min sessions for only 165$ + tx – Must be Pre-Purchased
You can add a 30 min Iridology session for only 50$
Custom 1 week meal plan to support personal goals with highlighted key micro and macro nutrients for only 65$ + tax
BEST VALUE: Custom 1 month meal plan to support personal goals with highlighted key micro and macro nutrients 200$ + tax
2 months to a NEW you package
Full nutritional, lifestyle and symptom assessment
Personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategic plan with “next steps”
Personalized meal plan with recipes and top nutrients to support overall goal
60 minute in-person or Skype consultation to review strategic plan
35 minutes Iridology assessment
Weekly 20-minute Skype or phone consultations to track progress, get questions answered and be encouraged
8 follow-up emails for continued support and motivation
30 minute “closing” consultation to wrap things up

Custom 1 month meal plan to support personal goals with highlighted key micro and macro nutrients.

Nancy currently sees her Skype clients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Once you finalize your purchase, you will receive detailed instructions on how to take your iris photos with a digital camera or smartphone. Email your iris photos to and indicate your time zone, along with the preferred time for your session. (If you prefer only coaching and no iridology, please indicate this in your purchase.)

The cost of the two-month program breaks down to $398.5 per month x 2 months. For Canadian residences, the price is paid in Canadian dollars. For residences outside of Canada, it is paid in US dollars.

SHOP WITH NANCY (available) Email for inquiries

Please note that some insurance companies recognize nutritionists in their health plan and may cover a portion or all of the applicable fees. Furthermore, in the province of Quebec, Canada, Nancy is a Registered Naturopath and can provide applicable receipts.

For more information or to book Nancy, please CLICK HERE.

Sarkis M.

“After they put the stent in my arteries, came to see you and you went over and above with the assessment and the protocol you put together for me. Thank you for going the extra mile and telling me what nutrients are getting depleted as a result of my meds. I am better able to manage my health now. Forever grateful.”

Patrick B.

“Wow, I lost 20 pounds since going on a plantbased diet. Thank you for the meal plan.”

Michael M

“You worked with me to put me on a protocol for my prostate issues. With the key supplements, herbs and nutrition plan I was able to get off my prostate meds. Thank you.”